Tuesday, June 11, 2013

denver COMICON

1st stop - Watercourse - for 1st lunch with my prom date, Jennifer Mack
 I hadn't seen Jennifer Mack since the 20 year KMC reunion in 2010. We were pals in high school and we went to PROM in 1990. Thanks to Katy Cramer I was able to get in touch with Jennifer and she agreed to meet me a the Watercourse. It was her first time at a vegetarian restaurant and she got adventurous and tried their homemade seitan for the 1st time too! The lunch date was a little awkward so I never broke out the camera for a pic of the two of us. Regardless, it was good to see her and learn she's doing well for herself and loves living in Denver.
2nd stop - VEGAN VAN @ Nooch - for 2nd lunch
I was pleased that I wasn't the only one having 2nd lunch
3rd stop - Redline Gallery - for art exhibit on houselessness

- you are either HERE or THERE -
4th stop - Illya @ Denver Comicon at the COMIC BOOK CLASSROOM area

Illya was on TV

Illya's sneakers were on TV

Illya got busy so I took in the sights - GHOSTBUSTERS!
I loved the DUKES of Hazard as a kid

is this a TRANSFORMER - more than meets the eye ?

Herbie & WonderWoman - oh how I yearn for thee - Linda Carter
I found my way back to Illya after I had my fill of the oddities. He's rushing around and I try to say GOODBYE, but in a hushed voice he says, "You should stick around, William Shatner is on his way to read WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE to the kids". OK..... easy enough... I got a sweet seat in the back of the kids zone and waited.....The wait took about 10 minutes......
Illya prepares the crowd for Shatner's arrival
Bill as he introduced himself to the kids, went on and on
about all the things one can learn from READING>>>
after a few minutes he sat down and read the book in his trademark voice

5th stop - civic center park festival - best message I saw
6th stop - Marquis Pizza for a calzone - they were out of Denver Seitan

7th stop - spot check downtown
8th stop - rad cat - coaxed him off the porch but he was unsure of me
I played hard to get and he came over to me on the steps.
there it is...great way to end the day... new kittie friend

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