Thursday, June 13, 2013


once on Hwy 50 I went up & over Monarch Pass

coming down you don't wanna have to go right here.
finally skated the OG heart bowl in Gunnison
pivot in the OG part of the park
TeamPain finished up the new section last fall

and it's FUN

lots of unique features like this that connects the old w/ the new

half cab flight
big bowl & mid/mini bowl

tight tranny elements

blunt to bank action sequence
sequence of two... fun times
it was a sad day to find this fallen soldier in the middle of Hwy 50

I thought I could salvage some, but it was a lost cause
Rachel recommended the Wanderlust in Gunnison. I would stay here

it was just down the street from the skatepark so I dropped in & chatted w/ Amy while I ate lunch

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