Monday, June 24, 2013

so lucky

Milo met Rachel on my last full day in Denver

went to Cheesman Park to teach Pass the Pigs
she took right to it..... double razorbacks

the action on the marble floor was intense
cute puppy alert

we tried on a few things at REI
we put our feet in the Platte River

I'm standing in the Platte River
I'd had my badminton racquets with me for the last 3 years

was waiting to play with the right person

we had some tremendous rallies

the playing surface was uphill so we had to adapt
bikes back to Rachel's to look into some dinner

we get home & Scott offers to make us stirfry

we left the snap pea stems on & it was SO GOOD
end of the day we finished the PIGS & I got to try salsa Lizano!
one hell of a day!

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