Wednesday, June 12, 2013


all the years I've been going here, I'd never taken the hydro tour
Scott starts us at the beginning where all the spring water collects

and starts it's journey downhill for 2 miles
hot water return for the floorboard heating of the buildings

the old flywheel
Pam drove us down the hill and Scott opened up the generator room

the water drops over 500 feet and is funneled smaller and smaller
spins the flywheel that turns the generator that makes the electricity

Scott warned us about RALPH the house bull snake
the discharge water flows further to the Stevenson Ranch
scott and the view and the diesel generator hut
the backup diesel generator for if & when the hydro goes offline
back up at the springs, things got a bit above my head.

this is a governor that regulates the energy

the excess energy not used by the buildings and homes on the property then heats elements that keep the APPLE pools hotter than normal.

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