Tuesday, June 11, 2013

ed & martha

I met up with Martha & Ed & we had breakfast @ City O City

walked up the street to the Vance Kirkland museum
this is VANCE - taught art at DU & did large cosmos type paintings

self portrait .....I think.....
interesting looking dude
he would lay in these straps and move the painting around on the skateboard - see that OG skateboard
lots of unusual chairs that you couldn't sit in

try this one on CHRIS SHARY


theater chairs designed by Frank Lloyd Wright & I sat in it

Martha checks out a Frank Lloyd Wright table & chairs
walked around the corner to the Molly Brown mansion

the UNSINKABLE Martha & Ed
Ed broke out the new banjo for a demo

Tom and Martha pose

Tom's companion is named Mary and I failed to get a pic of her
 early dinner at WATERCOURSE - klich style seitan

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