Tuesday, June 11, 2013

little free library tour

One of my go to activities this year since discovering a Little Free Library near Edgemont before I left San Diego, is to check their site's map and visit any locations that are near me. Once I landed in Denver, I checked the map and found 8 Little Free Libraries in what looked like a 5 mile radius of Rori's house in Capitol Hill.  I figured I could visit all 8 in one afternoon and that's just what I did. I love their founding principles - create community, read books, talk to your neighbors, meet new people, and avoiding the monetary system. Need a book, take a book. Have a book, give a book.
stop #1 was gorgeous and well stocked

loved the on site reading bench & the post being a railroad tie

most of the space is protected, some is not

took a book on Antartica

stop # 2 had a drop down door

it's rare to find a comments book  - but I love signing in when I see one

took a book on getting dirty in the garden and the transition of growing your own food

stop #3 had a rock lever that kept the door closed
and a stainless steel roof that was really bright

I took Star Girl for Piper who was recently talking about it

stop #4 was on a school playground

and was the lease maintained - broken window and very few books

nice concept though - just needs some TLC

stop # 5 was easily my favorite.

this one is made from remnants of the burned down family barn in Michigan
GOT BOOKS? get some, give some!

took a book on adventures in Thailand

stop # 6 had the best paint job

didn't end up getting a book here
this has the lowest registration # I've ever seen. #62

rad little plaque on the side

stop #7 was the simplest and least protected from the elements

stop # 8 was gorgeous & slightly understocked
it's like a stained glass window on the side!

once again - here's the link to the LITTLE FREE LIBRARY site.. 

check it out in your area, sign up, and put one in your yard.


  1. We saw your note in our guest book, and we are so glad to hear about your visit to our library. What a pleasant way to travel around a new city. Hope you enjoy your book. Wishing you the best! Robin Filipczak, Stewart #4483

    1. glad you found the blog... and glad you have the notebook. i wish more little free libraries took the time to leave one out....

  2. Love this! Visited my first one yesterday and now I want to try to figure out how to put one by my place!

    1. they walk you through it on their site.....

      glad you found my post! spread the word