Friday, June 14, 2013

scared myself

Blue Mesa Dam - not far from Gunnison the Black Canyon begins

stopped to eat a watermelon on a back road up in the sticks
coming down off McClure Pass
I'd just passed Marble when I saw a moto parked on the side

I pulled around and met Madonna & Ronald and this waterfall
I scurried up a sketchy path to see if I could see more

looking down across the road to Crystal Creek

the wash bowl....i was wearing my flip flops

this is as high as I made it, on the way down I scared myself
On the way up there was just one leap of faith spot. Turns out going up, even though it spooked me a bit, it was minor. On the way down that same spot took me 10 minutes of trying to see the best option and get up the nerve to go for it. Madonna and Ronald could see the me from 50 feet below and I'm sure they could also see the fear in my eye.

A. I shouldn't have been in flip flops. B. I needed to trust myself and was having a tough go of that.

I had to put the visions of losing my footing and falling to my death out of my head and focus on getting down safely. In the end, I went for it and had no incident. It was sorta like dropping in on a ramp for the first time. Once you've done it, you look back and think "what was so hard about that".
I took the time to stop & see where Julie worked  - the Redstone Inn

I figured Penny would be blown out from high water, but soaked for a sec
next stop -3 skate spots

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