Tuesday, June 11, 2013

later that day

so after hitting up the eight Little Free Libraries, I popped in Beet Bakery.
tried their savory croissant stuffed with mushrooms/spinach
 I waited around internetting until 5pm and then I quickly called MARQUIS pizza to see if they got more DENVER SEITAN back in stock. I loved their calzone the other day, but was bummed they were out of the local seitan. The fella on the phone said they were still out, but he wasn't sure if it might still come later in the evening. I searched the internet and found a phone # for THE DENVER SEITAN company and called it. Someone answered and said he'd check with his partner to see if an order was in bound. By this point I was ready to just go to NOOCH and buy a log to take to the pizza place. I rode over to NOOCH and explained my situation to Vanessa and she very generously comped me a log. Right as I was walking out to my bike, the seitan company sent me a text saying the Marquis order wouldn't be delivered until tomorrow...... So I took the log and pedaled down the street.
thanks for sorting me out, VANESSA.....
the fellas at Marquis set me up and I had my best calzone ever!
while I was eating, I met this band guy that was playing the Marquis that night

let's take a closer look.. look familiar?
I'd just met this dirty vegan a few days earlier at NOOCH
what are the odds?

I rode over to TATTERED COVER to try to listen to this ex vegan
While I was waiting I talked to Sessions on the tele and he mentioned that he thought Mike was coming to Denver soon.. So I texted Mike to see if he was coming in sometime soon.... He hit me back right away - "I'm with Emag now. Heading to Arvada park" He was linking up with the Brixton team the following day to start a trip. It took me a minute but I realized I didn't need to see this author. I needed to go skate with my buddies. I bailed Tattered Cover, jumped on my bike, pedaled across town to the van, and jammed to Arvada - actually beating Emag & Mike to the park.

Emag got the door first.
Mike was right behind him with the make. I didn't go there.

with Emag's encouragement, I made the railslider as well!
Arvada produced a fine sunset display.
Mike took off with Emag and I rolled back to RORI's and ate some watermelon.

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