Friday, June 14, 2013

Denver filler

up early to kill my 2nd Crestone watermelon

set up the workstation at Beet Box

apple cinnamon walnut donut from BEET BOX

Rori mugs it up with Hannah on Corona

cute and well behaved shepard at the bank

Sub Culture makes a terrific Tempeh Marinara Sub. Vanessa's tip
scored a lot of organic berries from Food Not Bombs!

LG came over for a porch sit

Milo takes a hit from the kittie

then Milo chases the kittie up the tree

 last year I was with Adam & Grey in NC. I slapped Grey so hard!
looking a lot like a prisoner

the denver zine library has this ZINE VENDING MACHINE

placed in an art supply store on Broadway
caught the Vegan Van at Civic Center eats / food truck roundup

had the Rock Steady salad

great to see so many community gardens popping up

lots of plots in this one

skate action recap
a collage of some of my loves in San Diego

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