Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Risky Business

rolled out to Littleton to find my aunt's house SOLD
 Yvonne and Erin were exhausted from a long flight back from Europe, but I was in the area so I had to stop by. She'd told me the house was on the market and turns out it sold while she was out of town. I spent a lot of time in this house as a kid, a CSU student, & an adult. It's sorta sad that this is the last time I'll be there.
her two youngest are at CSU
Yvonne and her French imports
found a little free library in Yvonne's hood
went to check the swimming hole in Morrison

water flow was more intense that last time with Sessions

next time I'll swim - I hung out and organized the van in the canyon
Tonight was my first time to actually go into Red Rocks park.... We drove by it a lot as a kid coming and going from Bud & Yvonne's in Littleton. I always remember the U2 concert at Red Rocks being talked about. When I saw the list of movies being shown this summer at Film on the Rocks - Risky Business stood out and it was showing the soonest. I tried to get some folks to join me, but had no luck.

part of their weekly summer series at Red Rocks
the approach from the main gate

it's up there somewhere

a tunnel before the parking lot at the top
it began to rain as I arrived, soon a rainbow came out.
off to the south it was a DOUBLE RAINBOW & the rain ended
then a lightning storm out over SE Denver
once the band and the comic ended, Risky Business began

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