Wednesday, June 12, 2013


slept on a dirt road in the mountains & woke up next to this
can get cold in the higher elevations....windshield was frosted
driving south on hwy 285 from Denver pretty much gets you there
pit stop in Buena Vista to scope their new park
snow capped pivot fakie
from the park I walked down to the Arkansas & had a sit
this is the 7 mile dirt road that takes you to the foot of the mountain OLT aka Valley View
this is my favorite view looking back on the dirt drive in. OAK HOUSE porch
took to soaking pronto in the cooler of the 2 new APPLE pools

overview of my favorite new pool
There are many other soaking spots on the property, but since it's a nudist resort and since I've photographed the other pools in recent years, I didn't take many photos this year. Valley View is one of my favorite places in the world. I've shared the place with a few people.... My hope is that you will seek it out on your own based on my highest recommendation. GLORIOUS surroundings, openminded people to talk to, & varied outdoor activities to explore.
glamour soak

this is the much hotter UPPER APPLE pool

taking a nap in the van ... can you see the deer outside?

painting that captures the swimming pool area
up next the HYDRO ELECTRIC tour

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