Wednesday, June 12, 2013


It rained pretty good as I was leaving Red Rocks so I slept
at this GEOLOGIC site near I-70   see the layers of time

found this little park in what I assume is Lakewood right of 6th Ave/I-70
found some more Little Free Libraries

this is in a FARM YARD where it looks like they sell excess produce

the next one was well shaded

and had a cozy reading bench

I've wanted to read Fountainhead, so I figured I could start here
can't recall where this shot went off

it was sorta cold so I only played a few holes

got lunch at WATERCOURSE - mesquite tofu was too skimpy
went to FNB and met Virginia w/ Denver Copwatch
and then it was time to post up in the park for CHOMP - the once a month VEGAN feast sponsored by Denver Plants and Animals and NOOCH and BEET BOX BAKERY...

the crowd was big even though there was threat of rain

cute basset hounds abound

let me pet you

the WORD was given and the line formed quick

corn, bbq sando's and jello type salad+pickles
umm umm good...then I was off to the mountains

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