Friday, June 21, 2013

date night

One of the the first things that Rachel showed me during our first date [ SEE HERE ] was this flyer for an art show that her roommate was involved with. All the art was on skateboards and the benefit organization is called CHILL and they facilitate at risk youth getting involved in board sports....lots of snowboarding here in COLORADO, but they hope to soon implement some skateboard programs. So back on the first date, I said that I'd like to join her at the art show. Rachel's mom came to town and I didn't hear from her too much during the week. Come Friday we made plans to get a Marquis calzone before the show. Saturday we touched base and she invited me over to hang at her pad with some of their friends before heading out. I had to get to Food Not Bombs at 4, so I told her I be there by 6, hopefully sooner.

Rachel's friend Rachel & Rachel on the veranda

Scott {Rachel's roommate} & the two Rachels
Scott & Rachel's friend Rachel.

Elaine was proud of her pantry, Rachel was proud of her tea drawer!
Rachel & I took out on bikes and landed at a busy Marquis

 we decided on Denver Seitan, artichoke hearts, & green peppers
what a good sport....she's cool with a bite shot!
i love this one
yum yum

one last look cause it didn't last long
we walked up to the art show - Chewbacca caught my eye

I enjoyed this mix medium piece as well
 Ran into Michael Parris on Larimer. He was working the door at a club and offered to put us on the list. But we had other plans. I suggested going to an outdoor screening of THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN earlier in the day. I wasn't sure how into the idea Rachel was, but as it approached 9pm, she asked me if I was about ready to roll. Soon afterwards we rolled over to the Blake Street Tavern and just missed a few minutes at the beginning. It was lightly attended and there were plenty of patio chairs to utilize. We kicked our feet up, threw the blanket over our legs and settled in for some laughs.
found this framed pic of Bennett & Hosoi in the bar across the street
Steve Carell nailed this roll.
After the movie, we packed up and Rachel suggested we go dancing at a gay dance club she'd been to before. It was PRIDE weekend and I am not an avid dancer, but I agreed. We rode bikes out to the club and the music was bumping as we rolled up and the club goers were streaming in from all angles. One caveat that Rachel laid out earlier was that if there was a cover, we didn't have to go in. We got up to investigate and found out there was a $40 cover. Slightly dejected, we retreated to across the street and took up people watching and chatting. From here the evening took a turn........

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