Saturday, June 1, 2013

LZ's suitcase

 Lindsay's last name actually begins with an "S" but early on in our friendship, {before I'd seen it spelled}, I figured it must begin with a "Z". At that time I started calling her LZ and now I stick to it, somewhat out of habit plus I feel it sounds better {rolls off the tongue smoother} than LS. I hated it when she moved from one block away from me out to Boulder. Hate is a strong word and maybe that's a bit harsh or too broad. Thinking about it now, if she had to move, I'm glad it was Boulder, and not somewhere farther east. I'm in Colorado at least once a year so she is at the top of my MUST VISIT list when in the state. 

I reached out to her when I arrived in Denver only to learn that she was leaving for two weeks the next day.... AH CRAPPERS... She mentioned we could probably link up near the bus station the next morning. Later that evening I get a text asking me if I know any place she could sleep in Denver and still get to the bus station by 6am.  Long story short, she ends up taking up my couch offer at the house where I'm chicken sitting. On the phone she warns me about this massive suitcase she'll have with her.

I arrived at the bus station early as per my usual. Soon after, I see LZ walking out the station with this monstrosity in tow. I gave her some shit about it. And she explained how she'd received it for free and didn't really have an in between bag. Once back at the Miller's, she handed me my ass in farkel and we had some in depth conversation on a seemingly taboo subject.... a topic I'd like to delve into again soon. 

Somehow the only photos I shot are from the morning with the suitcase.
getting it down the stairs was problematic and slightly painful
everything's OK now....nothing to see here.. move along folks
she managed to lug it up into the van
only interesting characters are lurking downtown at 6am on a holiday

doing the funky chicken

ok, time to go...hope to see you soon, LZ!

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