Friday, June 14, 2013

coming down

drove a few miles out of Rifle to check a waterfall - racing the setting sun
talked my way into the park and got to the 3 pronged RIFLE Falls just in time

glad I made the effort
kids were learning about butterflies and other insects.

that night I slept in South Canyon and decided to check HOBO

when I woke up. Thought it might be washed out from the river

but it was shaded and perfect....had a great soak after so much

activity the day before. it's rare to skate 4 spots in a day for me

stopped at a rest area with a great view & did some van organizing
and then it was deeper into the GLENWOOD canyon
the tunnels near HANGING LAKE

stopped at Vail Pass / was hoping to see a waterfall or something
old time tourist train steaming through the forest
historic site

tunnel detour
in the winter I've seen this waterfall frozen
then it was back into Denver to meet Rachel for Sweet Action and a flick at the Mayan...

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