Saturday, June 1, 2013


I went to NOOCH in hopes of getting SWEET ACTION, but left w/ this
My first few days in Denver  - the Memorial day weekend - I was chicken sitting for the Miller's in Capitol Hill. The first two days were busy with the March on Monsanto, King of Snake, & LZ suitcase action. Tuesday morning Rori, Piper, & Milo returned from Honkeyville.

Little Milo is the BIG news at the Millers
Rori & I checked out a new place called PARSLEY
I met Mittens in the alley over the weekend.

She walks right into the house when the door is open. Piper knows her well
the Denver Capitol building has 3 problems - here are two of them
here you can see all three.
which step is actually 1 mile high? no one can agree
Beet Box Bakery has a storefront now!

denver's finest and only vegan donuts~!
apple spice deliciousness
Pete and his 4 dogs who had just been in Costa Rica in their Sprinter
Met LG for the cruiser bike ride / the theme was cardboard /duct tape

Zoltar from Tom Hank's BIG was the best dressed in my opinion

I love old signage & vintage theaters

went to the source of SWEET ACTION

and chose double choco cookies w/ PB ice cream
Rori took me for PHO, but they all had beef broth, so we ate noodles
stoked to go to the 303 video premiere - saw Keith from Fallen out front
right as I sat down FUZZ was skating to Fugazi in what I found out was Who Cares
Stoots was up next.. they played all 6 of their vids from the last 13 years

stoots blurry action shot from the Boulder park
caught up with BABA's Falafel outside Nooch

I tried the falafeldilla / the mexican fusion was amazing
more to come......

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