Friday, June 14, 2013


started my day off meeting a terrific couple.
Jason & Nancy left Florida two months ago to start a life on the road. No car, no bikes. Just their feet, backs, their thumbs, and a little chihuahua named Lucy. I applaud their adventurous spirit and wish them well. I love hearing people's stories. What is it that makes people crave a new beginning.

the McCrackens invited me over for lunch & a day of leisure at their pad
before it got too hot we took a lap around the lake  - they hyrate every 1/4mi

from the far side of the lake there was a splendid view of the mountains
both the Denver McCrackens & the San Diego MacCracken have a cat that sleeps under the covers
lunch was oil free and divine. barley/mushrooms/spinach

and I had my first ever SWEET ONION - I'm hooked now.
taught Tom how to farkel

Elaine showed off her impressive pantry. almost 0 plastic!
Tom & I played  a few games of 8 ball to wind down the day.
thanks for the hospitality and thanks to Elaine for the Moldiv demo
Meredith MacCracken will finally meet the 4th cousins, Tom & Elaine, this Sept. Wish I could be there for that.

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