Sunday, June 1, 2014

welcome to wichita

I took Alf on a van ride to his new home

he was my first ever animal passenger & was a perfect gentleman

met the gang at Kelly's workplace

got in a few rounds of GOLF with the gang

Kelly graduated from KMC....forever a Crusader

Kerry was hoping for a photo she could share with her friends...don't think she got it.
I'd never had pickled jalapenos before. they were great in this LOTUS LEAF salad

working off the buffet at Garden Grille, I was able to construct the elusive mac&cheese pizza

made a connection with some fellow vegans & taught them Farkle

my version of first aid after making a bloody mess with a stubbed toe
my former neighbor, Don Vine has some of his photos up in a gallery downown

I ran into Zep at his stylist's place
Aida's Coffee Shop makes a mushroom burger on WED

Kerry & I don't see eye to eye on much, but I do support her boiling the weeds vs using pesticide

cat chalk art up at the Donut Whole

Shea & Rochelle at the VEGAN WED donut party
Kerry has two dogs.... Mr. Collins is my fav

found two new Little Free Libraries on the east side

Lorne's place on 2nd & Grove is cool

in addition to it being CAT COUNTRY he has a book exchange & works on bicycles

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