Friday, June 20, 2014


Jeremy & I grew up on different ends of Mission Rd. What are the odds that he now lives on Kevin Street?
 I spent a hefty amount of my Wichita time at Jeremy's home on Kevin Street - a stone's throw from the legendary Wichita skate spot > Edgemoor. 
Our sleep schedules vary drastically, but we still managed to reminisce quite a bit. 
I'm thankful for his open ended hospitality.
Lucy is the most visible of the bunch & doesn't always look this crosseyed
Clawed is mainly outside and quite the hunter
Boo Boo rarely comes out for guests, but since I was there so much I got a photo.

Lucy's favorite sleep spot/ I wonder what she dreams about?
so desperate to get his porch light working again, he took the leaf blower to it

we toured the local record shortage of Kenny

stoked on this record store cat
Actually I'm stoked on all business that let their employees bring in their animals. When I went around the corner from this record shop to inquire about a computer cable, I saw these two wild ones behind the counter !

this corgi was especially excited to have a visitor

Jeremy keeps a very trim yard & has lots of BBQ's
Jeremy's dad, MIKE along with his better half, Dana, @ BBQ #1
Jeremy captured one of the many laughs we shared. See Dana's similar reaction in the reflection

Judy & Mike Sturgill still live on Mission & come over to hang out routinely
They bring the dogs too. This is Bogey...the more social of their two corgis.
this is what love looks like - togetherness with a fat cat on your lap!
I'm so tickled Dana & Jeremy have reconnected after all these years. It was clear how happy they are together. I don't know when it'll be, but I look forward to our next visit !
the huckleberries along Kevin Street are sweet! p:jeremy

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