Saturday, June 28, 2014


I look up from eating a burrito & I spy Dan Gilsdorf
 Dan is an old skate bud from Boulder during the college days. It's been years since I've seen Dan. Maybe Mike's wedding..?  To just run into him on the streets and then to hang out for a bit is a fine example of road magic.
30 minutes later I'm front row at his book reading

30 minutes later we're hanging with Justin @ his book reading
local writers read from recent work / many who had been through the IPRC programs

Klich & I ate Amy's blueberry cheese cake for breakie
browsed the CAL SKATE skate history exhibit at the public library

somehow Jerry's cat board made the display

Portland pros case
KLICH  tailsides on lock @ Beaverton#2
met this fella while waiting for FNB
this dude was curious @ Col Summers Park

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