Monday, June 23, 2014

devil's tower

where's my DADDY>>? Everett was a trooper
Buster & Iris....getting ready to hit the road again
walking Buster I chatted this guy up about his shirt
no photos please....

a visit to Rough Lock Falls

over here, or over there?

a mother and her daughter enjoying nature

the main section of Rough Lock Falls
not far down the road was Bridal Veil Falls

I was pumped to drive through Spearfish Canyon. Heard about it on NPR.

After Spearfish Canyon, we found the health food store in Spearfish and had some lunch and restocked the goodie bag. We crossed into Wyoming and left South Dakota in the dust.
unfortunately we didn't have time to show Zep Close Encounters

before showing him where some of it was filmed

hard to believe it's made of mashed potatos

Iris enjoyed her time out of the car seat.
dog walk around frog pond in Montana

 back in the car for another bit of driving

rest stop poop break
Iris loves climbing

partial family portrait p:Bianca

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