Monday, June 23, 2014

those black hills

Custer State Park bison viewing

everybody wanted their picture taken with the bison

came across a brood of wild burrows

two burrows nearly collided with the HONDA as they were trying to "work things out"

Bianca got a little too close for comfort

Bianca's view as they went around the back of the U-HAUL

we were hoping to see a view like this, but the low clouds prevented it

too much cloud cover, but a massive RV backed into us on the pullout

the roads were plenty curvy, & Bianca took plenty of opportunities to tell me to SLOW DOWN!

single lane tunnel #1
tunnel #2

and finally tunnel #3 all came within a few miles of each other
this was as close as we got to the Crazy Horse Memorial

I love driving windy roads

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