Saturday, June 28, 2014

the house of cats

took my 1st pdx bus ride to link up with the recently engaged Natalie & Curt
Natalie's recommendation - the tempeh burger at Homegrown
I walked in on this cuddle puddle - Tyler, Alice, & Clementine

Henri - the most recent addition to the family
blind as a bat - Abb is a recent addition as well

Albert Wesker - aloof in the loft

Clementine & Curt - lots of cat taking photo ops in this house

ohhhh, someone new is here.....

hmmmm, smells familiar.......
I think I'll just take a nap & ignore him for a bit

I'll take this opportunity to clarify that 2 dogs live amongst the 6 cats. Ralphie naps

Tyler warms up to me......
Natalie & I played gin rummy all afternoon
Clementine as we left the house for dinner @ El Nutri Taco
ended my time with the vegan chemist & Natalie @ Back to Eden with a cone
Till next time, Natalie, Curt, & Tyler.....

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