Sunday, June 29, 2014

baconomics #2

tent city at the Recycler
I took myself out real quick
slowly the session started to build. Alan Young blasts frontside

Little Chris punches out to 5050

Nick Peterson crailslides the mammoth vert

Klich drifts an ollie with Little c & David Sanchez looking on

Sessions capturing images

Tim Johnson serves up the egg on the vert

Zach Cusano - tail block on the steep
Alan - back D

Dylan films Little Chris tug it in
soon it was time to load up & roll to Crisis for the Meet & Eat
BBQ at Crisis before the demo - p:klich

Frank Castaneda - front crook at Broomfield

Commander in Chief @ Crisis - Fuzz

Jaeson Manzanares ollies up to nosegrind

Klich sails over the channel

check Nick's shadow on the bell curve Smith grind

Scotty Englund - nollie crook

as the storm clouds began to unleash - Klich ollies while HK jams p:dehart
Jaeson grinds over the loveseat during the musical performance p:carleigh

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