Sunday, June 29, 2014


I end up feeling uptight at the Mercury Cafe, but this flyer in the toilet was inspiring

sunset for the drive to BOULDER
DOC on LZ's porch
LZ was up with tea to share
a deer kept showing up in my pics

gotta look close to see the deer in this one with Doc

farkled on the sidewalk. LZ in the sun, me in the shade

later days, Doc
inspiring murals near the farmers market

art show at Meta

Jackson {former overboard vendor}, Shaun {ripper}, Aric {former unicron customer}
met Illya at the skatepark the next morning - June 21st

we both got tricks in under 15 minutes..then it was off to Home Depot
went straight to Tasty Harmony for a queen kale salad once in ft collins

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