Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Eugene demos

Frank Shaw tore up the TACTICS mini ramp
 I jumped in the van with Klich and his UNHEARD buddies and we headed to Eugene.
Danny Tumia spine transfer

Johnny T laying into the rough pool coping

Klich slipping into a tailslide
went for a walk & met this little fella

en route to Pizza Research Institute I found this chill spot in someone' front yard

plenty of charming decor along the walk

pizza in hand, I walk the tracks back to the skatepark

custom painted PRI box

ohhh yeah. spicy tofu, roasted garlic, & broccoli
KLICH inadvertently throws the horns. RIP ronnie james dio

biting in - tasting the goodness - fellow vegan Dylan riding shotgun

satisfied customer

Kevin Kowalski ends the day with a harrowing transfer
Joey acquired a bike before the ride back to Pdx
biggest surprise of the year...running into Betty Quick PI in the grocery store!

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