Sunday, June 29, 2014

baconomics #1

a big part of me getting back to CO by the 21st was to link up with Klich on tour

Nick Peterson

Scotty Englund slides the gap to fakie
Xavier front rockin in the back

Tsedeq Baker takes it to fakie

Little Chris frontside slider

kale dog during the rain delay

Klich & I both sat for Jason Buck's Young Guns & Lifers photo project
stoked to be 42 & rolling   -   p:buck

Xavier dive bomber INDY air - jason & taylor in the mix

sure is something to see Xavier blazing around Northside

took the fellas over to skate Launch after dark - Klich fs grinder

Jaeson Manzanares - fsa
too dark or too light as Klich hits the ceiling on the new wallride

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