Tuesday, June 24, 2014

grand coulee dam

last day of the trip landed us at the Grand Coulee Dam in central WA.

Zep looks out over the largest hydro electric project in North America

I learned it supplies a lot of San Diego's electricity needs

 on opening day, they poured water from all 50 states over the spillway

Woody was payed $266 & wrote 26 tunes to hype public works projects
I was convinced that this dam had failed in the 70's. The custodians at the visitor's center assured me that this dam has never failed. There have been a few times where they had to release so much water that some downstream towns were flooded. All they could think about was an earthen dam in Pennsylvania that failed.
Today in doing some research, I leaned that in June of 1976 the Teton Dam in IDAHO had a catastrophic failure and has never been rebuilt.
we stopped at the 1st cherry farm we spotted.

but they were closed to go to somebody's graduation

Deception Falls
And then it was over. Six days on the road, driving a Honda, pulling a trailer with a wife, 2 kids, & 2 dogs.Mission accomplished. Delivered safely to Brodie in Everett, WA.June 7th 2014. 5pm
I failed to get a family reunion photo. Use your imagination.

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