Sunday, June 22, 2014

joan jett

 I'd seen that Joan Jett was slated to play the 2014 WICHITA RIVER FESTIVAL on June 1st. But with Bianca's departure date the next day and the logistics of putting the van in hibernation and getting me to Hutch on time, I was doubtful I could make it work. But as the days drew nearer and as my mind expanded, we came up with a satisfactory plan. Day of the show - I even got a date - with Ms Jenny Findling. I secured us 2nd row seating and settled in on avoiding the power of the sun. Jenny Wood who I'd only seen once in San Diego as a solo acoustic folk singer, was backed up by an all female band. She rocked it - the crowd loved her.
Bianca's old housemate, JENNY WOOD, opened for Joan Jett!
admiral windwagon got a better welcome than the local congress person.

the homie TODD had his seat staked out at 10am & walked out with his 8 track signed!
She came out loud & in charge!

started 40 minutes early as the clouds were rolling in
the hits kept coming  - Joan is a short & stellar performer
 VIDEO CLIP love is pain

looking back, I was supposed to be there and it all came together as it should!
 Jenny and I packed up our camping chairs & parted ways after the encore. I walked back to the van and drove straight into hurricane winds and super heavy rain on the drive to Hutchinson. With safety in mind, I pulled over and sat it out for 10 minutes. Then the weather mellowed, and I made it safely into Hutch and bedded down for the night. The cross country journey with a wife, 2 kids & 2 dogs was kicking off in 7 hours.

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  1. Joan Jett was my first concert as a kid. Well, technically, it was Loverboy, but Joan Jett and the Blackhearts opened, so I prefer to stick with that when posed the question. :)