Sunday, June 22, 2014

sunflower state wrap-up

rolled with Mila...hopefully next time MOM will have skates
when it's not raining, tennis courts make a decent roller rink

Schane uses rice to absorb the moisture from Mila's bearings

I love kicking it with Ernie when at the Fitzthum residence

Johnny was anxious for me to meet his snake - Sneaks

I was hesitant at first, but with Julie's gentle prodding...

even Mojo the cat came over for a pet

I was pleased to find a March Against Monsanto rally in Wichita

we walked the intersection of Kellogg & Rock

anyone still using ROUNDUP to zap weeds on their property? STOP

do your part - fight back - buy NON GMO certified
Stephanie invited me to the botanical gardens

learned about butterflies

and saw a cool toy train set up

Kelly ran in the state track meet

Zep took me to the pool in Hutch. that's the tail end of his cannonball
one of three cakes @ Kelly's graduation party
and then there was JOAN JETT.......

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