Sunday, June 29, 2014

baconomics #3

David Sanchez went right to work on the chip - nollie front pivot fakie

Scotty Englund - blunt 180 aka the backside blunt
Tim went right to work to free himself from the bet from the night before

stalefish from bowl to bowl - arvada

Zach pulling a Japan air deep to shallow
Alan rolls in

Sessions & I in the modified command center

Nick Peterson - front feeble

Sessions was bouncing around the bowl
Allan Smithers in the deep

Sessions got my memo about what shirt to wear

Sessions blasting backside over the hip

Tim Johnson INDY tweaker into the shallow
Alan crailslide revert in the deep of the snake run

Zach Cusano - one footed tailblock near the hip of the snake
Terrill's was spot #2 for the day. 
I mainly shot VIDEO here

Sessions front rocks a very steep shallow end

Klich back Smith

Terrill's view of spot #3
Terrill grinds a sweet spot over a hip

Zach feeble fakie
Nick really likes the steep stuff... pushing into a fine back tailslide
group shot during a rain delay....p:Sessions

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