Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lake Stevens good bye

Brodie had us set up in the Mansion at Lake Stevens - a lovely bed & breakfast over looking the lake.
Day #1, Zep & I walked to the Lake, while the parents looked at houses

Zep fired off the cannonball right away

ducks swimming about
You talking to me?
a crash course in brain surgery - Bianca tweaks the braces
Day #2 we got Brodie in the lake
Zephyr follows in behind dad.
not really his thing, he'd rather be fishing on the lake

"it's not so cold if you stay in long enough, DAD"
one cat leads to ...

3 cats of the Mansion - none too approachable

last dinner with the fam... raw tacos at Zippy's Cafe
 Zep made the claim that since it was my last night in town, I could pick the restaurant & order for him. And he said he'd finish all the food on his plate. You must understand that Zep is notorious for not eating all the food on his plate. So this was seen by all adults on the scene as a tall order to fill.
Zep struggles toward the end - but he made it

Iris in her prom dress pets Zippy, the owner of the cafe
WELL, Bianca, it was one hell of an adventure. One I won't soon forget. I'm anxious to come back and visit once you are good and settled into your new home.

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