Sunday, June 29, 2014

the longest train ride

still high from the cat film fest, Klich was up & over early to make the magic happen
good colors in the morning's breakfast

hung with Moe at People's

Chris didn't have work, so we played cards at SweetPea
the Rueben from SweetPea - let's call it my last meal
walked by KBOO on the way to Amtrak

PRIDE parade going under Burnside bridge
my space for the next 5 days
cruising along the Columbia River

Bonneville Dam - 1st of many that I was to see
the many bridges over the Columbia

another dam

kite boarding spot on the upper Columbia
learned what Nabisco stands for in Spokane
sunrise in Glacier National Park

looking back on the mountains of Glacier as we head for the plains

the Missouri River
Invited Gina to play cards & soon we had a foursome

then I broke out the Farkel

Stanley in the center, Gina on the right, guy on the left was talkative

quick leg stretch somewhere in North Dakota

sunset @ 11pm - so far north we were almost in Canada
no stop in Fargo, dang it.

crossing the Mississippi River in Minnesota

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