Friday, September 6, 2013

battle at hastings

after the GIRL demo @ Surrey, I rode over to Hastings to see who was practicing

Recent ROGER PRO - Nate Lacoste - all hail cardiel
I'd never heard of Riley Boland before - but I quickly took notice / spine blaster

fs hip blaster on the fringe

then he would blast backside all in the same run
there's is a barrier spot there as well

this gal from Montreal was ripping....Carl with bgp's

Sky Siljeg blew me away with his clever lines...always changing it up
just letting go from a frontside tug over the big hip
Trevor Dunnet - one of my favs from the Anti Social dvd
the next morning it was game day with $15k on the line

we expected to see this add on obstacle, but there were 2 others as well
Mason Merlino - front pivot pop to fakie. See the other obstacles??
Adam Hopkins stalefish - THRASHER barrel on the left, LIFEBLOOD channel on the right

hey KLICH, what's for breakfast?

tofu dogs and mustard! ! !

Vancouver ICONS - Rick & Keegan

Sky Siljeg - back Smith over the bar

twinsies - Trevor Dunnet & McCrank
Adam Hopkins grassers over the boob

Cody Lockwood tailgrab nosegrind on the Lakai BOX

Frank Faria took some good runs

Spencer induces the HIGH FIVE
Cody Lockwood caresses the hip with his tail

mikemo, rick, sam, rickk, malto, carroll, & raven lose it during Elijah's run

Kevin Harris & Bryce Kanights

Johnny Turgeson frontside booster on the boobie

Johnny boosting backside over the hip - McCrank looks on

....... . check the tow action on Johnny's tailslide over the hip.. . .
Klich was a little nervous
grinding in his RUN

so that's how it feels to compete in a major contest
McCrank ollies up to disaster on the Lakai shoe box

McCrank brought Rickk a birthday cupcake/this is how it ended p:bothe

McCrank - cranking it up over the boob

He picked the barrel after a few goes at it

Frank Shaw backside aerial

and now let's look at Frank Shaw from the other side
sickest thing I saw in the best trick - mason merlino fs blunt across
winner - Brad McClain slobbish over the hip

Brad & his trophy - p:bothe
1. Brad Mcclain (81.75)  $6000
2. Cody Lockwood (73.95) $3000
3. James Clarke (72.1) $1500
4. Adam Hopkins (67.85) $1000
5. Steve Reeves (67.5) $600
6. Sluggo (64.85) $300
7. Sky Silej (57.8) $250
8. Frank Shaw (57.5) $250
9. Riley Boland (57.1)
10. Rick McCrank  (39.2)

MY VIDEO CLIP  {editor's note: it's adam hopkins, not hawkins}

rode bikes over to see LUNCH LADY perform that night
next morning it was time to head stateside....

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