Friday, September 6, 2013

canadians in PDX

got back to Portland and rolled into the ALBERTA district

saw some keen murals
and met the Canadians - jeff & tamar - at Vita Cafe for breakfast
 Klich & I rolled down to meet the Canadians at Brooklyn Street and got into a tailblock battle.

tamar holds SPIKE while jeff practices his laybacks

we're all amazed at how high Klich can ollie out of bsss

other times he goes down without forgiveness & I get flipped off for it

Spike sat on my lap during a break

I did a lot of this.....

and finally rolled away with a tail smack

KLICH was flying around like normal
Jeff nailed the layback rollout revert on his last time to win TACOS
we linked up with TAMAR & she brought SWEETPEA!

free soy curl tacos for Jeff at Gorditas! ! ! !

Klich & I both had soy curl fajita burritos

walking back we found this 7 fingered, loveable cat
pet my butt


out to Ed Benedict to see Nestor bluntslide - Dennis was hurt
getting to see Marshall and Kurt almost made up for missing Dennis

rodrigo, nestor, silas, jake donnelly, lem, benny, kevin lowry

next morning, KLICH & I are waiting for tamar - and Ultimate Phil walks up with his better half
one more meal before the Canadians rolled north - breakfast @ Juniors Cafe

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