Saturday, September 14, 2013

clips before dips

stoked on the flyer & stoked I'll be in town for the premiere
I started filming a part for a Kansas homies video called Lords of Cowtown a few months back. A deadline was recently set, so I did my best to stack some clips before I dipped in the wonderous hot springs of Idaho.

1st stop HOOD RIVER where I relearned the bean to fakie

ok, so I did stop for one dip at Mosier Falls, but it was freezing
I remember seeing a photo Jim Callans took at this park in The Dalles. This was my 1st visit
wallie at the wild PENDLETON park

the pendleton stampede was beginning and the town was setting up for a carnival
now this is what I call a tent city
creeper in La Grande, OR - not worth the stop
 the hot spring highway is up next

all the pals I skated with in the NW - video clip

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