Tuesday, September 17, 2013


only had a bit of highway rain heading toward Salt Lake

thought this looked pretty
caught a glimpse of the GREAT SALT LAKE north of town

Blindside put on the SLC screening for MADE
I was the 1st one there and let myself in the beautiful old theater on the college campus

all in good time it started filling up

MADE did NOT disappoint
picked up some stuff from the COALATREE offices

walked down to the all vegan VERTICAL DINER
enjoyed their mexican themed scamble called LA MESA

then I overheard the waiter say something about their vegan donuts???
Turns out that for the last 4 weeks on FRI, SAT, & SUN, they've been making several varieties of vegan donuts. These fine day I elected for the PB/Chocolate option. It was still hot from the fryer, really mess, and 100% delicious. The chef came out and told me that the next day they were doing a Chic O Stix flavor. That was the point where I realized I was going to be staying another day in SLC.
purchased two mighty watermelons @ Cali Naturals

while @ Vertical Diner, I entered a typical culture DIY iG contest w/ this photo

thanks to BLINDSIDE I was able to track down some real SLC DIY crete

so this is my second entry into the #typicaldekline iG contest

went to the Rosewood park to get clips & was surprised to see the tape still up from last year's KOTR races
caught a free screening of Friday the 13th on Friday the 13th
back @ Vertical the next morning, I had a decision to make.
 Which would I eat 1st? the Chic O Stix or their root beer float variety? I went with Chic O 1st and the ender was the ROOT BEER - epic on both accounts
couldn't rig it to shoot in the kitchen, but they brought me a sample plate to photograph

the chef even brought out a complimentary Boston Creme donut hole
stocked up on VEGGIES at the SLC FNB

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