Thursday, September 5, 2013

shout back!

Everybody @ Deep Space had been working on Shout Back Festival for months
after ANTI SOCIAL, I cruised over to Astorinos to see what bands were left. Brought Nikki & Alex donuts

skated around the hall & caught some of POOR CHOICES from Victoria
saw this new piece up at Deep Space
 I think it sums up a lot of what SHOUT BACK is about

bright & early I was over helping with the WAFFLE BREAKFAST
that included much more than just waffles

thor's palace was the place to be

blue, purple, or red - the waffles kept coming

all available seating was taken

and the fun spilled out to the sidewalk
broke out the FREE BOX for the revelers

some folks found some things they needed

Miss Kim was especially stoked on her finds - Derek found a book as well

then it was time for temple with the Sikh's - metal trays for eating inside

serving up hundreds of hungry mouths

Alex gets his!
final part of the weekend was skating & music at Strathcona Skatepark

Dan Zig was having a blast.
Local gals, MOVIE LAND, rocked the crowd

overview of the park

little Ethan checks out my front blunt on my favorite obstacle in the park

alex was stoked yet exhausted....and that's a wrap on their 4 day extravaganza

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