Thursday, September 5, 2013

patty party

after TEMPLE & before Strathcona, I met up with Patricia at Kensington

I presented her with 4 options

she chose the GRASSHOPPER from Mighty O's
Dan Pon sails over the ledge gap to lipslide

miss kim's grip and my bare naked toes

Patricia & Bob discuss their shadows

Gordon, Patty, & Dan look on as I attempt the stair carve

nailed it
Tamar, her cuz ADI, & Patricia await the pizza

Gordon {the birthday boy} & Tamar facilitate pizza distribution
Lanie & Patty look on as I get the staredown from Marian

then Marian loosened up and had a laugh & I don't think she even saw the look on Patty's face
I worked on some no comply moves as well
Later that evening we reconvened at LANALOU's to see Kim's side project

Patricia photos - I'm really into this style of photography right now
a rare actually performance shot of WAITING / p:patty

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