Friday, September 6, 2013

rick howard day

alex gets a carve grind

and is psyched////

then pays his dues

then McCrankers shows up and destroys the place within minutes.

Rick back D on the big kinky barrier

edgework in the pipe

oh yeah....Rickk was there too....these were actually shot the day before Rick Howard Day
Dan grinds up the escalator to tail with McCrank on the sidelines
 SO now it's Aug. 29 - a Thursday - and on this day in 2013 - in the city of Vancouver, BC, it was officially  known and recognized as Rick Howard Appreciation Day. You'll see proof later in this post.

Rick with a casual feeble grind - at this point it's just Dan, Rick, me & a few others

then Elijah Berle, Malto, Rickk, CoryK, Smyth & the filmers show up

I didn't hold Elijah in high regard until this day.

This kid immediately took to the place and charged everywhere
McCrank showed him a few lines.....
then Carl the bulldog showed up

and that really fired up Elijah - nosebonk the volcano

cory, elijah, mikemo, rick, sean, rickk
massive gapper ollie on one hell of a tight wall

I like to think these photos capture the JUICING UP effect Elijah/Rick
we head over to ANTI SOCIAL for the big art show

stop @ BUDGIES for a burrito and Rick Howard is in line. I tell him about this portrait of McCrank in the basement!
my photo of the window display

sam's photo with RICKK in it
BOB K hooked the whole day up - RICKK with council member

official certificate of authenticity from the city of Vancouver

the cert with the BOB K designed board
Rickk & Mike - 1/2 of Girl - keep up the good work, fellas

Tamar and a print that will reside at Jeff's pad if he can find space for it
the ANTI SOCIAL/girl/chocolate collaborations

classic wood from over the last 20years

fairly heavy on the Canadians - tony ferg, rick & rickk


the boards used in Yeah Right

some of the Lori D dolls

photos galore

Rick & Sean

ended the day with a cup of horchata

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