Monday, September 9, 2013

take me to tofurky town

Sweetpea has the best DONUTS

OREO raised - I thought I'd only have one

But I had time so I went back for another - coconut choc raised this time

I get over to the pick up spot and get this text.
upon landing at the TOFURKY facility we jumped in line for a frank
apple flavored frank with tempeh chili - WOW
I ended up spending lots of time in the photobooth
took a look at their solar array on the roof p:sobo21

they are saving lots of energy

wasn't too long until we found Chad & Emiko
bocce ball tournament on the roof

cute puppies everywhere

took a stroll down by the Columbia

came across a rad cat pinata

homemade in south america

accidental selfie turned out ok

Ruby tried out her stand up routine
Josh ponders his existence

I can't remember if I was Paul McCartney or Michael Jackson
the buffet line at the banquet hall

Chad caught his plate in a mosh

not bad at all

food in mouth... NOW

pulled Dr. Greger over to the photobooth

Dr Greger took the stage after Paul Shapiro and Seth said some words
Sweet & Sara and Emiko enjoy their deserts.....
and once the dancing started we fled HOOD RIVER......thanks for letting me tag along, Natalie & Curt.

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