Thursday, September 5, 2013

running round VAN

Nikki & Marita - the shout back accountants taking care of business

saw Dennis down at Leeside the day before the demo

kickflip on the mound

Matt Irving gets footie of Dennis ringing out his sweaty tee

Dan Wolfe goes pro on Carl the Canine
and then over at Bandida's  - Ethan eats his 1st ever breakfast burrito

and we convince him to try a cup of horchata as well

he's still not sure if it has alcohol in it or not

my breakfast at Bandidas was extraordinary

brief wallie stop at New Westminister - went here on the four corners tour
did some thriftin in SURREY

ladies love cool alex
Alex gets his licks in at the new Surrey park

blunt flop to bank

model homeowner

van life
every morning I'd be in Alex's office when he'd wake up.
 Every morning he'd step inside in some half dressed fashion. Here we have the tighty blackies.

tramping takes loads of practice
Dan nails a flip
Alex still working on it....

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