Thursday, September 5, 2013

beans, besh, protest

we took Beans to the track.

he went nuts after being taken off the leash

before I knew it he was running off with my zip up

got the sweatshirt back, and then he was off with my slipper

time for a hydration break

zoomed by the JIMI HENDRIX shrine

protested gentrification in pigeon park off Hastings

decent turn out.. made a few connections, besh showed up right after this
stopped by ANTI SOCIAL to see how the 20year GIRL art show hanging was coming along

went out to the veg house with the clan

Besh dishes it out as Cathy looks on

alex & nikki

ethan had a pretty good attitude about it all

fully stuffed... let's see how far we can huck ETHAN

through the window?

then somehow it degenerated to wrestling moves

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