Saturday, September 7, 2013

cram it in

first night back in PDX I go see ET in the park and he parachuted into the screening

pdx does lots of outdoor films in the summer / sat with Elaine and her pals

slept there and got to see why they call it OVERLOOK PARK
ambush waiting to happen
ran into these two on my bike ride
 It was my last week in PORTLAND - how much can I cram into one week?

super friendly and inquisitive

the loved rubbing on my flip flop - his buddy wasn't sure what to make of that

then met this turkey in Kenny & Klich's hood - didn't want want me leave

cat re cap

Miranda & Charmaine at the duck pond

some shirts Charmaine passed on to us

Klich on the pillar

al quaeda CHRIS - Smith grind

Kyle Knight Johnson - recent Ft Collins transplant - spotted at bsss

KLICH boosts an ollie on a vintage CAB deck at Daddie's ramp
awesome messages throughout the neighborhood - good use of old ladder
another Symonds/Pagel family portrait

sure would have liked to skate with this guy at this spot

chad & I rode to Canteen for lunch one fine day

tasteful nude

cosmic soda bar

huckleberry sodas a plenty

unparalleled selection

we have punch cards

the crazed chef cooks ceremoniously

hair cut day with Kenny's shears

more and more kept coming off

rode over the bridge with KLICH for a philly cheese steak

will have to try this some demonic day soon

stoked to be here !

munch a bunch - no napkins needed
went to the Hawthorne Hostel in hopes of getting an eco roof tour

I got one !

Happy was the best and told me about Open Mic Night that evening

Happy was nowhere to be found, but this was our host

these dudes have some talent

and I read some meaningful song lyrics

sunnyside piazza - gorgeous corner house

I love how this corner takes back some street space with the barrels

rad community bulletin board with live roof

sizzle pie with Klich & Rachelle

found a cat in the van one afternoon
Chad Yee rolled into town - white owl social club - thumbs down

a Petey moment

broke out the FARKLE

and then he was out - as quickly as he was here

rad art at bsss

Kenny - a shadow in the night

Kerry invited us to skate the DOS bowl - ollie
Kenny - a rare skate date - back D

Charlie Wilkins came by to chat, plus we saw Willis Kimbel skate, and the REAL kotr squad was next door @ Silas'
and I got a line I'm sorta happy about
TOFURKY day is today

this on SUNDAY - then I'm on the road - COLORADO bound

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