Saturday, September 14, 2013

tender tidbits

My last two days in Portland were marked by two major events....1st on Saturday was the Tofurky Banquet in Hood River & 2nd on Sunday was the 10 year Food Fight Fest and Slappy Session. This post serves to showcase what went on during those last days outside of the two major events.
saw this OG san diego activist coming out of FOOD FIGHT - Mike Rancourt
during the slappy session KERRY was making signs for the upcoming circus protest
after a long day at FOOD FIGHT FEST I went w/ these two to SIZZLE PIE
Kenny & Amy then went w/ me to see FOUND MAG founder, Davy Rothbart speak @ Powells
Klich made a marvelous send off breakfast

the goat gate was open so I got up close with the newborns

mama was accepting of me, but verbal nonetheless

this plank walker was born last year

one last trip to COSMIC for a road soda
met FUDGE at Robo Taco - Rocco was working

al pastor burrito - per Natalie's recommendation. DELICIOUS
Fudge went with a single al pastor taco

he was stoked, I was full, & it was time to hit the road
 so long PORTLAND - you're always so kind to me...

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