Tuesday, September 17, 2013

hot springs highway

the 1st sign you see on the hike into SKINNYDIPPER
 I didn't realize at this point that a race was on...... How many hot springs could I soak in along the hot spring highway in IDAHO in 24hours?

soak #1 skinny dipper hot springs  5:15pm
clear sky view from the lower pool @ skinny dipper
the lower pool was a little cool - aka not so hot

pretty flowers on the side of the lower pool

the upper pool has lots of plumbing

this is part of the source at Skinny Dipper
little warmer  in the upper pool - had the place to myself for most of my visit
true blue way down by the river
soak #2 - Anderson Creek HS was brand new to me
once was enough - 6:20pm
soak # 3 - 7:35pm - Hot Springs Campground - lovely & right off the highway

plus being right down on the river is pretty boss
caught a sliver of the moon from CAMPGROUND
soak # 4 - 5:45am  Pine Flats one of the best in the USA

another less spectacular low water section of Pine Flats

filled up  my agua reserves

hump that pump
soak # 5 - 7:15am - Kirkham Hot Springs - shot from across the river

the waterfall area

this was my spot for the morning - built in back massage

so private and so relaxing

3 waterfalls feeding it with hot water

this was the lowest I'd seen the river level and that allowed access to this new spot
soak # 6 - 10:40am - boat box hot springs

this is where in 2011 I met Jimmy McDonald's sister

again the river was so low that pools were built at river level too

soak # 7 - 11:55am - snake pit hot springs

never seen a snake here, just a kick ass view of the Sawtooth Mtns
soak # 8 - 1:50pm - Russian John's Hot Spring

little cooler and perfect for the day was heating up
soak # 9 - 3:45pm - I'd never been to Frenchmen's Bend before

and it sucked due to a forest fire a few weeks prior

silting the whole creek out super bad.
a local who told me the house next to Frenchmen's Bend was Tony Robbins' place

also told me about another springs down river that wasn't in my book

I saw two water snakes in here that freaked me out

again, way to much soot and ash had accumulated in the pools

soak #10 - 5:15pm - Dyer's Hot Spring
So to wrap up - I had my feet in 10 separate hot springs within a 24 hour period. I didn't soak in the last 2, but that still leaves 8 lovely soaks in 20 hours and that task is virtually impossible to complete in any other state besides IDAHO!

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