Tuesday, October 2, 2012

world class facilities

wildlife bridge in MT - the 1st Kenny's ever seen

camp sandwich!

camped for the night below a dam...crystal clear waters

kenny overlooks the fast flowing agua

kenny got down by the waters, while I was up in the parking lot
after breaking camp we skated Whitefish, MT. ken front board

one bowl was off limits.... skunk-u-pied
at Polson, Ken laid into hella feeble variations
switch backside
switch frontside
this was a very popular trick back in my day....
this marks my tallest pivot fakie - polson's helmet looms
there were 3 old fellers in this car - happy to see someone in Polson
boosting big ollies - looks like a make...

St. Ignatius had colorful locals and fine concrete.

it wasn't quite like WILD WEST, but it was nice to boost over a hip again
always feels good to get over the stairs in the pool. Missoula, MT.

took me 4 goes to get a tailslide....

the volcano feels my pivot
 It was quite amazing. We skated 4 world class skateparks in the span of 1 day and I looked it up. All 4 cities are line a valley and from the top to the bottom is only 137 miles... a little over two hours to drive the distance. It's hard to say which was my favorite because they were all so fun in their own respects.

We slept behind the natural food store in Missoula so there is no pic of Kenny's tent. The following day we broke out on HOT SPRINGS Tour 2012.

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