Monday, October 22, 2012

around town

been spending some mornings at People's Co op
I routinely see FRED all over town... Benny hung with us

hope to see you again, Benny!
Got a tour of this Elvis Sprinter - they get loads of HONKS
Twyla at King Harvest set me up... hummus for days
spinach, black bean, & garlic hummus - hummus party!
ken...are you getting better yet?

finally visited Microcosm - got a new book off my Lexi List

didn't catch this guy's name... but he was a powerful creature
parked at NAN's and walked down the secret path

that connects Stark....

to the farmer's market
where Kitchen Dances still exists!

oh how I adore their walnut tacos!
a random marching band on the sidewalk near a nursery...

Nan was really intent on wrapping Ruthie's presents
 This was the only photo I took at Ruthie's Birthday Party. Once again, karma brought us together

cute cat near the fig tree
sometimes you gotta remind yourself

checked out CANTEEN w/ Elaine
was stoked to see a lecture by WILL POTTER, I read his book this summer
Jake Conroy of the Shac 7 spoke about his time in prison & his arrest
a few days later I was back at PSU seeing Carol Adams speak

did some swinging in between rain showers

might look like a million cigarette butts, but it's wood chips
any surprises?

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