Friday, October 5, 2012

hot spring tour 2012 continues

Stop #5 - we think this is where Molly's Tubs were. too hot to get in
campsite near Molly's
this is the 2nd pool at Trail Creek where we soaked again.
check Ken's muscles!
source water coming right in the pool, but thankfully it mixes with creek water
Filled up the water bottle at a natural spring on the side of the road.
Ken found a shortcut that turned out to be a quite thrilling forest service road.
Stop #6 - Boiling Springs
there is a rental home right up against it.
the top end was too hot for me
this is the top spot - it's shallow and HOT!!!!
ken walks in with a snack
Stop #7 - Fire Crew was too hot and not that pretty.
Stop # 8 - Rocky Canyon w/ some locals.
I had to ford the river to get there and Ken wasn't up for it.
Stop #9 - Campground Hot Springs had smokers in it, so we passed.
Stop # 10 - Pine Flats - my favorite in Idaho!
this time of year the river is low enough for other pools to form
camped that night in the campground and got in a game of farkel
tent shot at Pine Flats Campground
Stop # 11 - Kirkham Hot Springs
Nice shot of the river at Kirkham
several hot waterfalls form at Kirkham
Ken in one of the riverside pools
HOT water all around!

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