Saturday, October 13, 2012

mountain RUN

Klich and I took off for the woods for a few days.  Left Kenny in PDX to heal up. Estacada was the first stop.  I forgot to pull stills from KLICH's FOOTAGE before I deleted the clips... BUT I did make a clip of the HIGHLIGHTS!!!     

frontal rock at Estacada
pivot to fakie on the corner at Estacada
we picked up Bree & Pistol Pete about 30 miles from Bagby

they browsed the Free Box before soaking
Klich on one of the bridges out to the springs
the big news is KLICH got me out of the van & into a tent, but no photos

I was there for dawn patrol, & Klich wasn't too far behind me

coconut water to stay hydrated
saw a long elevated log over the creek

and had to cross it

we took a chance on going to Windell's & lost, sort of
the main zone was being worked on so we skated the TRACK
 again, no photos of KLICH, but there is this VIDEO CLIP>>>HERE

the view of Mt. Hood on the way to Hood River

stopped for food at Mother's Marketplace in Hood River

Jean gave us the lowdown on TOFURKY.
out front of the compound!

turtle island is the only major fake meat company that is not a multi national corp.
Klich stands under a photo of Seth the founder with our booty
Tried to meet up with Joey from Unheard at the park, but instead we met Stephen the 40 something ripper.
no photos of KLICH or I, but there is a \

went over to BINGEN, WA, and shot some photos - fakie ollie

frontside hip ollie - Klich
BIG disappointment in going to the Thirsty Woman in Mosier - new owners and changed menu. So we booked it back to PDX - scooped up Kenny and headed to North Portland.

where we had dinner at Proper Eats
The special was BAD BRAINS - so we all got it in one form or another!

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